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PCs Upgrade
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USB 3.0 ADAP intern. 2x A-F/20-pol.-V2 ..
shop price: 7.50€
internet price: 5.32€ Ex Tax: 5.32€
shop price: 4.00€
internet price: 3.33€ Ex Tax: 3.33€
DEEPCOOL DA600-M. Japanese 1050C Capacitors DA600-M built with Japanese 1050C capacito..
shop price: 97.90€
internet price: 92.62€ Ex Tax: 92.62€
DESKTOP CPU COOLER - INTEL SERIES ALTA 7 Compatible with Intel socket LGA1150/1155/1156 and LGA77..
shop price: 12.50€
internet price: 10.09€ Ex Tax: 10.09€
Gammaxx L120 V2. GAMMAXX L series AIO coolers are known for their powerful performance, neat appe..
shop price: 69.90€
internet price: 63.97€ Ex Tax: 63.97€
High quality thermal paste to provide excellent heat transfer from CPU/GPU to cooler. - Color: Si..
shop price: 11.90€
internet price: 8.18€ Ex Tax: 8.18€
GeForce GT 710 1GB DDR3. Make your entire PC experience faster with the new PNY GeForce GT 710 de..
shop price: 0.00€
internet price: 53.88€ Ex Tax: 53.88€
USB to microphone and headphone adapter With the IB-AC527 you can easily extend your PC with a he..
shop price: 13.50€
internet price: 10.78€ Ex Tax: 10.78€
PCI Express to ExpressCard Adapter - Provides a quick solution for adding an ExpressCard socket to ..
shop price: 0.00€
internet price: 13.50€ Ex Tax: 13.50€
Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit + WiFi + NOOBS software tool The Raspberry Pi 3 is a low cost, credit-..
shop price: 109.00€
internet price: 98.89€ Ex Tax: 98.89€
WD Blue 1T Internal HD Desktop 3,5, WD10EZΕΧ. High Capacity, Proven Reliability Technical Spec..
shop price: 0.00€
internet price: 56.61€ Ex Tax: 56.61€