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A/V switches

A/V switches
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2 PORT DVI KVM MANUAL SWITCH With this KVM switch it is possible to control 2 computers with only..
shop price: 15.00€
internet price: 11.50€ Ex Tax: 11.50€
Automatic HDMI switch box 3 IN / 1 OUT. 4K Ultra HD, supports 3D This automatic HDMI switch box ..
shop price: 19.90€
internet price: 14.87€ Ex Tax: 14.87€
HQ 2 PORT DVI-I SWITCH Connect 2 different devices to the DVI-I connection of the switch and select..
shop price: 19.50€
internet price: 13.50€ 11.00€ Ex Tax: 11.00€
shop price: 42.00€
internet price: 26.75€ Ex Tax: 26.75€
shop price: 45.00€
internet price: 28.66€ 24.00€ Ex Tax: 24.00€
Analogue Audio Switch 2x RCA Stereo Input 1x RCA Stereo Output + Headphone Output Black Switch be..
shop price: 14.90€
internet price: 11.59€ Ex Tax: 11.59€
Analogue Audio Switch 3.5 mm Female + 3x (2x RCA Female) - 2x RCA Female Black Provides 4 inputs ..
shop price: 29.90€
internet price: 23.87€ Ex Tax: 23.87€
Analogue Audio Switch 4x (2x RCA Stereo Female) - 1x RCA Stereo Female + Headphones output Female Bl..
shop price: 18.90€
internet price: 14.32€ Ex Tax: 14.32€
Digital Audio Switch 3x TosLink Female - TosLink Female Black Connect 3 TosLink devices to one To..
shop price: 13.90€
internet price: 10.57€ Ex Tax: 10.57€
Optical Audio Switch 4-port - 4x Toslink Input 1x Toslink Output Connect 4 TosLink devices to one..
shop price: 48.90€
internet price: 39.42€ Ex Tax: 39.42€
Speaker Control Box 2-Way Terminal Clamp Black his Nedis speaker control box can switch between t..
shop price: 39.99€
internet price: 32.05€ Ex Tax: 32.05€
Speaker Control Box 4-Way Terminal Clamp Black This Nedis speaker control box can switch between ..
shop price: 43.90€
internet price: 34.78€ Ex Tax: 34.78€
Speaker Control Box 2-Way Banana Volume Control Black This speaker control box can switch between..
shop price: 69.90€
internet price: 60.70€ Ex Tax: 60.70€
2-Port VGA Switch Black This two-port VGA switch can be used to alternate between two screens con..
shop price: 9.90€
internet price: 7.50€ Ex Tax: 7.50€
2-Port USB Switch Black Control any USB connected device - such as a printer - to two computers u..
shop price: 19.90€
internet price: 14.87€ Ex Tax: 14.87€
HDMI Matrix Switch 2-to-4-port, 2x HDMI input - 4x HDMI output. Connect 2 sources, such as a game..
shop price: 175.00€
internet price: 156.86€ Ex Tax: 156.86€